• There are two new development proposals at Glencairn Ave. and Bathurst St.:

    • Applicatio​n No.:  14 102565 NNY 16 OZ  (491 Glencairn Avenue & 278, 280, 282 Strathallan Wood) 

    • Application No.:  15 152614 NNY 16 OZ  (2795 - 2799 & 2801Bathurst Street)



























  • A third potential redevelopment site is anticipated on the southwest corner.  


  • In excess of 1,000 new occupants are estimated for these three redevelopment sites.


  • The current development proposals:

    • Fail to conform to the Official Plan, with respect to policies regarding the built form impacts and transition requirements of new developments in Neighbourhoods, Avenues, and Mixed-Use Areas.

    • Fail to conform to the Performance Standards specified in the Avenues and Mid-Rise Building Study 2010.

    • Propose zoning by-law amendments, including the re-designation from Neighbourhoods to Mixed-Use Areas for:                (i) the southern portion of the site (Strathallan Wood) under Applicatio​n No.:  14 102565 NNY 16 OZ; and                             (ii) the eastern portion of the site (Glencairn Avenue) under Application No.:  15 152614 NNY 16 OZ.


  • The access to and exit from the building, retail, parkade, loading and service areas will be off Glencairn Ave., east of Bathurst St., an already congested traffic area.


  • With their excessive massing and density, the proposed buildings will destabilize the function and character of our neighbourhood.



We want responsible development that fits harmoniously into the existing context while achieving the intensification goals of both the Province and the City of Toronto



Building Type

# of Storeys

# of Units



NE corner

(2795 Bathurst St.)

SE corner

(491 Glencairn Ave.)

# of Parking Spaces

Residential mixed-use

Rental residential mixed-use

Total of 11 storeys as follows:

  • 10 storeys

  • partial 11th storey containing

       mechanical penthouse



           Total Height               


38.5 m; 41.0 m with elevator overrun

35.0 m; 40.5 m with mechanical penthouse

Non - Conformity to Official Plan (OP)

Fails to fully conform to 25 OP policies 

Non - Conformity to Performance Standards

Fails to fully conform to 15 out of 23 applicable Performance Standards 

Fails to fully conform to 19 OP policies 

Fails to fully conform to 14 out of 17 applicable Performance Standards 

Total of 13 storeys as follows:

  • 10 storeys

  • partial 11th and 12th storeys containing residential suites and mechanical penthouse

  • partial 13th storey elevator overrun