Who is the Glencairn & Bathurst Community Coalition (GBCC)? 


The GBCC was formed in May 2014 in response to the development proposal at 491 Glencairn Avenue and 278, 280, 282 Strathallan Wood.   We are a neighbourhood advocacy organization.


The GBCC is a group of citizens who believe that neighbourhoods are one of the city's greatest assets.  We understand that redevelopment and densification are necessary for the sustainability of our city.  However, we insist that new development respect and enhance the character of our established neighbourhood. 


We work pro-actively and collaboratively to promote responsible neighbourhood development.


How can I get involved in supporting responsible development in my neighbourhood?


See Get Involved



Where can I find the Toronto Official Plan?


To view the Plan, go to: 







What are Performance Standards for Mid-Rise Buildings?


The Performance Standards are supported and enacted by City Council to evaluate any development proposal along an Avenue that proposes a Mid-Rise form of development.   (See Avenues and Mid-Rise Building Study 2010)



Where can I find the Avenues and Mid-Rise Building Study 2010?


To view the Study, go to:  



Frequently Asked Questions:

Who are the developers?


Greatwise Developments:  491 Glencairn Ave. and 278, 280, 282 Strathallan Wood

Riverking Development:  2795 - 2799 and 2801Bathurst St.





Where can I find the reports regarding the development proposal at 491 Glencairn Avenue and 278, 280, 282 Strathallan Wood? 


To view the reports, go to:  




Are these proposed residential buildings being advertised?


The new condo project by Greatwise Developments is advertised on the internet.  Currently, the project is in the pre-construction and registration phase.  The proposed rental residential building by Talisker Corporation is not yet advertised.


When is construction scheduled to begin?


The construction start date is unknown at this time.  



What are the key concerns voiced by neighbourhood residents?


See What Are the Issues